Most Elegant Rental Bus Service In Chicago

(Courtesy of Thomas Coach)

(Courtesy of Express Covenant Coach)

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Express Covenant Coach

Express Covenant Coach ushers in a new era in high quality Luxury Motorcoach Transportation aboard this uniquely designed, beautiful MCI J4500 model that will simply leave your guests talking about their fabulous charter experience for days to come. Express Covenant Coach has partnered up with Thomas Coach, Calumet City, IL and Rosita's Luxury Tours, University Park, IL to bring you the finest in luxury motorcoach transportation. It's simply the most reliable combination of operations in Chicago working together to serve you better. The network just continues to grow each day as new charter buses and mini buses add to the strength of our offering.


(Courtesy of Express Covenant Coach)

Unlimited Fleet (Well... almost unlimited)

Chicago Bus Network has practically an unlimited fleet of vehicles in all sizes to accommodate the most demanding of Charter Bus Rental needs in a time-sentive environment. Chicago Bus Network is not a broker. We are a Charter Bus Rental Network in Chicago, Illinois working together as partners to meet all your specific ground transportation needs. Each Ground Transportation company is a partner within our network. All our partners have come together and combined all available resources to offer our clients the best possible solution out of one central location in Chicago, IL.  The Chicago Bus Network is able to secure your Charter Bus Rentals and Mini Bus Rentals, your specialty vehicle charter rental services such as Limo Bus Charter Services and Stretch Limo and Hummer charter vehicle rental services in Chicago, IL.  All your coach bus rentals, mini bus rentals, and speciality vehicles rentals are secured through the Chicago Bus Network.

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